Fleur Paint & Products

Fleur Paint has its origins in the 70 years of experience gained by our company in the production of high quality colours for decoration and restoration, traditionally used for the recovery of antique paintings and works of art. The exclusive recipe for our colours is based on the clever use of 18 different ingredients including pure pigments and minerals, processed in small batches according to the traditional production method, which allows to obtain a product with unique features and easy to use. Each Fleur colour is characterised by perfect opacity combined with unique brightness and depth of colour. Observing any object painted with our colours, you have the impression that the painted surface is made of the colour itself. In addiction the minerals contained in Fleur have the ability to refract light and spread it on the painted surface. The Fleur range consists of 81 unique colours with a strong personality; each one has been inspired by the world of fashion and design, or it recalls historical tones of timeless charm.